How to create your first virtual agent

Activechat allows you to build multiple virtual agents (or bots). These can be used for various departments in a big company, or for multiple Facebook pages.

Most of our users, though, are perfectly OK with a single virtual agent – it allows you to invite multiple live chat human agents, build automations, and take your customer communication to the next level.

To create your first virtual agent, click the big blue “New bot” button in the top right corner of your dashboard.

Start your first VA here

You will be offered a choice of pre-defined templates for various use cases. We encourage you to explore these templates later when you get used to some basic concepts behind Activechat (remember – you can have multiple bots?)

For a quick start, just use an empty template (we call it “Build from scratch”).

Start with the default (empty) VA template

This template will help you build some basic keyword-based automations once you detect repeated trends in your customers’ requests, and it is easy to customize.

Until you have your keywords defined, your virtual assistant will offer live chat at every incoming message from your customer. It means that you can start chatting with your customers and visitors immediately through our live chat module. Once you see certain repeating patterns, you can easily automate it with keywords (quick and easy) or build more complex chatbot skills with our visual conversation builder.

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