Basic chatbot concepts

We’ve built Activechat to be the most advanced tool for chatbots and conversational design. It’s definitely not an average chatbot platform – the power and flexibility are almost endless. This leads to a certain learning curve, and to make it easier for you to start let’s first get into some basic concepts behind the platform. 

Some of the chatbot concepts may seem not quite obvious at first, but you will love the power and flexibility of the platform once you get used to it.   

Every chatbot conversation in Activechat is built around skills that can be triggered by events. Each skill is a simple piece of conversation that (hopefully) delivers specific value to the chatbot user. Events are… well, events. It is something that can happen anytime while your chatbot is having a conversation with a specific user. There is a specific block in Activechat called CATCH that will “listen” to specific events and trigger parts of the conversation (“skills”) when this event occurs.

Click the links below to learn more about skills and events.


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