Chatbot events

Skills are triggered by chatbot events, another core concept of our Visual Bot Builder, and almost anything can be an event in Activechat. Here are some examples of events:

  • a user interacts with the bot for the first time (_start system event)
  • a user sends message to the bot (_default system event)
  • a deep messenger link is clicked by the user
  • your chatbot logic decides that it’s time to trigger specific skill
  • an order is updated in the online shop (_order_updated system event)
  • natural language intent is triggered in NLP engine like DialogFlow
  • a user scans a QR code leading into your chatbot

This mimics the natural conversation flow – when talking, people tend to react to various real-time events and update their conversation accordingly.

There are two blocks in Activechat to handle events – one is SEND (this one is triggering an event) and another is CATCH (this one is listening to specific chatbot events and launches other connected blocks when this event is triggered). This allows you to send events when you need it – for example, to start one skill in the middle of another.

Please note that every skill in your bot should start with the CATCH block – it is added automatically when you create a new skill and will be triggered by event with the same name.

chatbot events
A simple example of events triggering specific chatbot skills
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