Quick replies

Quick replies (or chips as Google calls it) provide a convenient way of interaction between chatbots and users. They act as “canned replies” that bot displays to the user as options and users can click these replies instead of typing long text messages.

chatbot quick replies

Chatbots treat quick replies as regular user messages – actually, there’s absolutely no difference to the chatbot whether the user clicked “New York” in the example above or typed “New York” on the keyboard.

Some channels (Facebook Messenger, for example) use quick replies to simplify sending certain user-specific data to the bot – like user’s email address, phone number or geolocation. When using these kinds of quick replies, chatbot users are able to provide this data to a chatbot with a single click.

Use LISTEN block to provide various types of quick replies as canned responses when your chatbot is waiting for the user input.

quick replies in the chatbot
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