You can add up to 10 team members to control your chatbot. Each of these members can have different sets of permissions that allow access to specific parts of the platform. These 10 team members are included in your basic subscription.

Live chat seats are unlimited, but subject to per-seat monthly billing. One live chat seat is included with the basic subscription.

How to add team members to your chatbot

Here are various permissions and their meanings:

Permission     What users with this permission can do
AdminChange general settings
Add/remove team members
Delete bot
BillingUpgrade and downgrade subscription
Change live chat seats
Add/change billing details
Access invoices
View skillsView conversation skills
View welcome message and keywords
View NLP settings
Edit skillsCreate, delete and edit conversation skills
Edit welcome message and keywords
Edit NLP settings
ChannelsConnect and disconnect messaging channels
Edit SMTP settings
Edit website chat widget settings
Obtain chat widget code
IntegrationsEdit chatbot integration settings (Google, e-commerce, etc)
ConversationsAccess bot users in CRM
View conversations history
Create, delete and edit customer segments
Add and edit grow tools
Send broadcasts
Live chat agentReceive live chats
Answer live chats
Start new live chats
Live chat adminCreate and edit live chat groups
Assign agents to live chat groups
View live chat stats
AnalyticsView chatbot stats

If you’re the bot admin, go to “Settings – Team” to add new members. Please note that you can add only users who already have accounts with Activechat (even if there are no bots in these accounts yet).

Here’s how to add a team member to your chatbot:

  1. Ask your team member to create an account (if he or she does not have one yet)
  2. Go to “Settings – Team”, choose permissions for your new team member, and send the invite by email (this should be the same email that was used to create an account).

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