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Hey, welcome to the next level of customer service!

With Activechat, your business can talk to thousands of customers on multiple channels (website chat, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, or even SMS) and automate repeating conversations to take the load off your human agents.

Here are some basic steps to complete first. It takes less than 15 minutes, and your team will start talking to your visitors and customers immediately.

  1. Create your agent and install our website chat widget.
  2. Invite your team members to join.
  3. Watch your visitors and start conversations pro-actively.
  4. Automate repetitive conversations with AI.

Once you do this, we will collect and analyze your conversational data to help you see the patterns and suggest what can be automated. 80% of the time spent by human agents is wasted on similar, repeating questions, and we can help you reduce that load by smart AI automation.

1. Install website chat widget

First, create your virtual agent. Open the dashboard and click the “New bot” button in the top right corner. You can use any of our custom-built templates, but starting with an empty template (we call it “Build from scratch”) is perfectly ok!

Start with creating an agent

Next, go to “Settings – Channels – Website Chat”, paste your website domain and grab a code snippet. Paste this code into your web page’s HTML to add the chat widget to the website. If you’re using WordPress, things get even easier – just install our WordPress plugin and paste the ID of your agent in the settings.

Grab a code snippet for a website chat widget here

More on this here – How to install chat widget on your website

2. Invite your team

Once your virtual agent is live, invite your team members to work on it. You can set specific permissions to limit what a team member can do (build and edit conversations, change agent settings, accept and control live chats, etc).

To add team members, go to “Settings – Team”. Note that you can add only team members who already have accounts with Activechat, so before you add anyone, ask him/her to sign up (it’s free, here’s the signup link).

Team members can have different permission sets

Notice that new team members with the “Live chat” permission have their “Accept new chats” status set to “No”. Go to “Conversations – Live chats” and set it to “Yes” to enable new incoming chat requests to be assigned to a team member.

Don’t forget to set your availability!

3. Start chatting!

Now you can go to the “Conversations – People” section and watch your website visitors online. Most of them will come from the website chat, but you can connect other messaging channels too.

Complete list of your audience

Click a visitor’s name to see his/her details (like currently visited page URL, location, or other data).

If you feel that a conversation can help, just hit “Start chat” to reach out pro-actively!

Start new conversations pro-actively

4. Start automating

Now, once you have some actual conversations happening in Activechat, it’s time to start automating some of them to reduce the load for your human team. Automation is done through Intents, and you can remove guessing from the process of building your automation with our Insights feature.

What’s next?

Some of the concepts behind Activechat may seem not quite obvious at first, but you will love the power and flexibility of the platform once you get used to it. Β  Β 

Don’t forget that we are ready to help if you have any issues or questions, and don’t hesitate to reach out – we’re always happy to help you get started with customer communication in the most advanced way.Β Β 

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