Assigning live chat agents

To add your team member as a live chat agent please follow the usual steps to add a new member to your team and assign him/her the “Live chat agent” permission.

This permission allows access to the live chat

Please note that “Live chat agent” permission allows agents to accept new incoming chats and re-open chats that were previously assigned to them. In order to start new chats pro-actively, they need “Conversations” permission which allows them to view conversation archives and access the list of people interacting with your business.

Check this permission to allow access to all conversations

Once you’ve done this, go to “Live chat – agents” in the menu and assign tags to your new live chat agent with the gear icon (optional). Tags can be used to assign new incoming chats to specific agents based on the chat topic, customer details (like language, location, attribute values, etc).

Click here to add a list of comma-separated tasks

You can use these tags later in the “Live chat” block on the visual conversation builder canvas to assign the chat to an agent with a specific skill.

Choose “tag” in the “Assignee” drop-down list to assign chats to agents with a specific tag

If there are multiple agents with a specific tag (or if you choose “Any” in the Assignee section of the LIVE CHAT block settings), Activechat will use Round Robin algorithm to assign chats to random agents.

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