Using the live chat

Once the live chat was initiated from any of your chatbot skills, it is assigned to a live chat agent based on the assignment rules (group or tag). Agents can see assigned chats in their “Conversations – Live chats” panel.

New chats are assigned only to the agents who have their “Accepting new chats” status set to “Yes”. If this is set to “No”, the agent is still able to communicate in the chats there were previously assigned or re-open chats that were closed, but will not receive new chats (useful for situations when there is a lot of incoming requests and agent wants to concentrate on servicing the ones that are already open).

Transferring a live chat to another agent

Chats can be transferred to another agent by clicking the “Transfer to…” button below the chat and choosing an appropriate agent (or group) from the list.

Agents can transfer chats to other agents that are online and accepting chats

Closing the live chat and resuming the bot

Once the live chat session is done, it’s important to close the live chat session and resume the bot. The bot can be resumed from any skill. We advise to pre-build a skill that agents can use to ask customers for the feedback about the service quality.

Choose a skill to run when the chat session is over

In case no skill is chosen, the bot will get back to the “idle” mode and the “default” skill will be triggered on the next message sent by the user.

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