Sending broadcasts

Sending broadcasts through the chatbot is one of the most sought-after features for any marketer or business owner. It helps you re-engage your users, make announcements or send various updates.

With Activechat, you can send targeted broadcasts to any segment of your audience on every channel that your bot is connected to – be it Facebook Messenger, Telegram, SMS or website chat. And doing so is really easy!

1. Prepare your message

Open “Conversations – Broadcasts” menu. You will see the list of all your previous broadcasts (if any) and the “Create broadcast” button. Click it!

Preparing a message to broadcast
Preparing a message to broadcast

Please note that Facebook requires every message outside of 24-hour window to be tagged with a specific purpose tag. You can read more on that and find a list of supported tags atΒ Facebook for Developers website.

2. Target your broadcast

Once your message is ready, it’s time to target it to a specific segment of your chatbot audience. You can do it with tags or attributes.

For tags, there are only two conditions – “is present” or “is not present”, and you can combine these conditions. For attribute values, you can be using all kinds of operations available, like “equals”, “contains”, “is greater than” etc.

Selecting the target audience for your broadcast
Selecting the target audience for your broadcast

This feature (targeting) is optional. If you do not narrow down your broadcast audience with tags or attribute values your broadcast will be sent to every user in the selected communication channel.

3. Send or schedule for later

Once your broadcast is ready, you can send it immediately or schedule it for a specific moment in the future. Scheduled broadcasts are displayed in the list, and you can cancel it if you change your mind for some reason.

Please use broadcasting with caution. It’s a powerful marketing instrument but can easily annoy your users if not used properly. Make sure that you are sending broadcasts only to those users who will really like it, and do not over-use the feature!

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