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When you have chatbot connected to your website, it makes sense to customize the conversation depending on which page the user is visiting.

For example, on your “Pricing” page the conversation should be totally different from “About Us” page or from other pages that describe specific products or services.

Activechat makes it easy to define specific messages that your bot will display on certain pages of your website. To make it work, you need to install our website tracking pixel and a chat widget.

Go to the “Website messages” section in your bot builder to customize bot conversation depending on the current page URL.

By default, there are no URLs defined, so this page will be blank. Click the “+” sign to add a new website page message.

Example of setting up two different website messages

Enter a meaningful part of the page URL in the “IF user visits any of these URLs” input field. You can add up to 3 different URL keys per message. When someone is visiting your website and page URL contains any of these keys (remember – if you type /bot as a key, this message will be displayed on and, and anywhere else where page URL contains that key).

IMPORTANT! When the user is visiting any page of your website for the first time, your chatbot will display a welcome message instead of a page-specific message. But when this user refreshes her page or visits the same page again, the bot will proceed to page-specific message.

Optionally, you can add a button (URL or event) to each website message.

Please note that website messages will be displayed every time your users visits or refreshes the page. It can feel a bit annoying on multiple, repeated visits. To customize it with visit counters and more complex logic you will need some experience with our Visual Chatbot Builder, where you can customize _page_visit skill to build advanced page-specific conversations.

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