Website tracking

One of the most advanced (and yet easy to implement!) chatbot features is the ability to send personalized messages, tailored to the customer’s browsing history. It can be a simple page-specific welcome message to lure your website visitors into the conversation and turn them into leads. Advanced bot-builders can build complex scenarios like counting the number of times a single user is visiting a specific page and personalizing the conversation based on the number of visits.

To enable that feature in Activechat you have to follow these simple steps:

  1. Install Activechat tracking pixel on your website.
  2. Customize the “Website messages” menu (easy) or build your own “page_visit” skill (advanced).
  3. Install Javascript code snippets to track specific user actions on your website (clicking buttons, watching videos, etc) – this step is optional, and you can easily start with just two steps above.

Click the links below for details of each of these steps.


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