Messenger tags

Starting March 4th, 2020 Facebook will allow only four types of messages to be delivered to your chatbot subscribers outside of the 24-hour window, and these messages should be tagged with specific messenger tags:

  • Confirmed event updates – can be used to send the user reminders or updates for an event they have registered for (e.g., RSVP’ed, purchased tickets). This tag may be used for upcoming events and events in progress.
  • Post-purchase updates – can be used to notify the user of an update on a recent purchase.
  • Account updates – can be used to notify the user of a non-recurring change to their application or account.
  • Human-agent responses – allows human agents to respond to user inquiries. Messages can be sent within 7 days after a user message.

After March 4th, 2020 these messenger tags will be available in the Activechat Visual Chatbot Builder for all kinds of blocks that are used to send messages. We’ll update this page with the detailed manual once this feature is available.

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