Importing phone numbers

Activechat allows you to import phone numbers of your audience to your bot through CSV file. This gives you an opportunity to send broadcasts to those users from your Twilio phone number (donโ€™t forget that you need permission from your users to send messages to them!). Please note the format of this file:



+19266994543,John,Golt,CEO | founder

This will add โ€œJohn Goltโ€ to your audience with tags โ€œCEOโ€ and โ€œfounderโ€.

Importing phone numbers into the chatbot is done in the “Settings – Channels” menu. Click the gear icon in the Twilio tile to access it.

Importing phone numbers into the chatbot
Importing phone numbers into the chatbot

When you import phone numbers into Activechat, a system event with the name “import” is triggered for each of these users. That means that if you have a skill in your chatbot that is triggered by this event, it will immediately start. Good for welcome message and onboarding!

Everything else works exactly the same as in social messengers. When your bot receives a new message from a user, the “default” event is triggered and you can build a skill to respond to the user’s message. Please note that IMAGE and GALLERY blocks are not relevant for the SMS channel since itโ€™s text-only. If you have these blocks in your bot flow, they will be skipped in the conversation.

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