Setting up Facebook widget

You can customize Facebook chat widget to fit your website style and colors.

Go to “Settings – General” in your bot menu on the left side, and open the “Chat widget” tab. Click the gear icon in the “Facebook Messenger” tile.

You can customize Facebook chat widget easily
You can customize Facebook chat widget easily

There is a number of options that you can choose here:

Facebook chat widget settings
Facebook chat widget settings
  • “ref” parameter – specify an event name here to start your website chatbot from a specific skill.
  • “Theme color” – customize the color palette for buttons and other elements in the widget.
  • “Greeting text” (for logged in and not logged in users) – two versions of greeting text that will be displayed by the widget before users click “Get started” button. Maximum 80 characters.
  • “Delay in seconds” – how many seconds to wait before displaying the widget on the webpage.

ℹī¸ For more details on Facebook chat widget, please refer to the official documentation from Facebook.

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