Voice input in the chat widget

Do you want to “WOW!” your website visitors?

Activechat has an amazing voice input chatbot feature that works right in the chat widget window. It’s powered by voice technology by Google, so (as of Jan 2020) this feature is available in Chrome browsers only. Also, it’s still in beta by Google and does not work on mobile devices.

To enable voice input, open chat widget settings and toggle the “Enable voice input” switch. Once enabled, there will be a small microphone icon in the message input box of the widget.

Voice input chatbot widget icon
Voice input chatbot widget icon

Once the users click that icon, it changes to “listening” status (on the very first use there will be a pop-up window requesting permission for the browser to access the microphone) and everything that user says will be “typed in” into the message input box and sent to the chatbot automatically on pauses.

The language for voice recognition is set in the “Settings – General – Advanced”.

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